I’m happy, relieved, proud and somehow wistful to announce that my 4th album ‘Of Those Who Drown to Live’ is out from today!
I’ve produced 12 songs and 12 music videos in the last 2 years (nearly an hour of music) – and went to my limit with this piece of art.
I must admit that I have tears in my eyes now – on the one hand because I am happy about this release, on the other hand because I know that this will be the last EWIAN album for a longer while. After four albums and one EP in five years (not to forget a bunch of music videos) I HAVE to slow down.
I hope you understand that. At least you can look forward to 11 music videos in the next 11 months.
I’m pleased about EVERYONE who buys this record – this is my most personal record and it would mean a lot to me.
You can get it on Bandcamp, iTunes and other platforms.

CD: https://ewian.bandcamp.com/album/of-those-who-drown-to-live
Digital: https://timezonerecords.lnk.to/OfThoseWhoDrownToLive

I’d like to thank a bunch of people who helped me to realize this project:

Nataly Zibert (Photos, Camera, and much more)
Tomasz Alen Kopera (Cover art)
Stefan Pätz (3d-Sounds)
Kaja & Piet Lori (Actors)
Arthur Stammlet & Jaime (3d-Fractals)
Dream-Noise Productions (Video Production),
Em Baker aka PLIKE (Collaboration with the song VAST).
Robin Friedel (Guitar, Bass)
Florian Jooß (Drums)
My fans (Love!)

Thank you for your heartfelt support in the last 5 years ♥

EWIAN – Inception [Official Music Video]

I’m so so very happy that the first video of our upcoming album ‘Of Those Who Drown to Live’ was exclusively premiered by Wherepostrockdwells, one of the biggest Post-Rock channels on YouTube.


The video was produced by Dream-Noise Productions (Post-Production), 3d fractal artist Jaime_M (Fractal animations), and me (Direction).

Jaime_M: https://www.youtube.com/user/dinax51

Thanks a million!

I promised to tell a story with my songs and videos, so this is how it all starts:

Chapter I – Inception:

In the beginning there was a soul, once united with the universe like all of us, then divided from the collective and meld into a human beeing.
With every second Ewian began to forget the feeling of beeing unified – but a tiny rest of this sense would survive.




Video release – Love

Here it is, probably our last video for ‘We Need Monsters’, for a song called ‘Love’.
It´s about an indian seamstress who is daydreaming during her work as a kind of cognitive survival strategy.
It took us one year of production to film the different seasons.
What I intended to express with this song is that imagination can save our life. Like it saved the life of this indian girl.

Have some magical moments in 2016.


Our new album ‘WE NEED MONSTERS’ is out


Dear beautiful souls,

it´s always a weird feeling when the day you´ve worked towards a long time is suddenly there.
Today is this day. Our second full-length album ‘We Need Monsters’ came into the world. The composition and recording of some songs found no trouble and has been freeing, others pushed me to the limit. You will surely notice that. ‘We Need Monsters’ might not be a concept album, but the idea of projection as a means of psychological defense takes center stage.

01 – Ticket From Kingdom Come
02 – Beautiful Lie
03 – Star
04 – Song For The Psychonauts
05 – Sweet Swan
06 – Monster
07 – Quiet Like In Heaven
08 – Some Day
09 – Fragile Ghost
10 – Love

If you think we did a good job and our musical journey is worth to be continued, please order our new album – as always on iTunes or Amazon:


We will now concentrate on live performances until our heart and mind is refilled with enough inspiration and creative energy to start the next project. I hope this gonna happen.

Thank you so much, Love,


(Cover art by ‘Eila Magnolia’)

Ticket From Kingdom Come – Video

Our first video of our upcoming album ‘We Need Monsters’ (6th November 2015) is out now!
The song is called ‘Ticket From Kingdom Come’:

iTunes: http://www.smarturl.it/WeNeedMonsters
Amazon: http://www.smarturl.it/WeNeedMonsters_Am

We shot in an abandoned house this summer in a small-town in germany.
We´ve been seven? times up there and at one point I thought it would be a good idea to shoot alone and make some experimental shots. This will be a lesson for me! I underrated the massive heat, passed out and woke up in my own vomit. But don´t worry, the scene is not in the video, I even never saw it for myself because I deleted it instantly.
This video deflects from our former kind of video making, because we focused the first time the band, not the story.
But it definitely has one – which one, is up to your discretion.




Our new album “Good Old Underground” is out since Friday, 10th October.

I don´t want to talk big!, just thank A BUNCH OF people!

– At first of course the fans, especially some strong supporters: Emma Nuelle, Regina Horst, Nury Morales, Karen Kummer, Analia Cieri, Jenny Lopez, Angelique Gis, Chantal Richard, Sandra Shoegaze, Melly Schopper, Sascha Beckers, Anastasia Gorkun, Kassy Kass, Kerstin Kütt, Xatia Topuria, Beatriz M KiddoKaulitz, Marjut Mattila, Jessica Merscher, Yana Huryn, Alexander Falcon, Aurélie Dessolles, Maria Stavropoulou, Katarzyna Rowinska, Rafael Amnésico, Pat Seventhproof, Giovanna Mamedio, Sofía Corzo, Isabella van Krolock, Olga Khakhalina, Séverine Bouhaïk, Vivi Kruz, Tatiana Burmenko, Chris Nies, Babhi Boraki, SJ Lykana, Emmanuelle Douabin, Christian Tramaux, Thaifu Lacour, Jürgen Schomakers, Susana Galveia, Kassy Kass, Gabi, Katja Holzapfel, Amaranthine Vius, Alexander Shed, Messiah Nadir, Marina Schwabenbacher, Steffen Henze.

– Magazines: Soundcrave Magazine, RisingEdge.tv, Forkster, Trip-TV, Muzik Magazine, Blackspot, Niji Magazine, CDstarts, Mp3.de, Unter.ton, North Rock Music, Sideline.

– Blogs: The SPEC, lifelifedeathdeath, Alternative Music Blog, musikrezensionen, Breathmusic, One standing, Metal Hangar, She-Wolf, TheSirenSound, Totoromoon, Les fleur du Mal, Blanc et noir, Fight this sickness find a cure, DOA, Rockindiemetalpop, Bszonline, Schallgrenzen, The Wolfe’s Den, La Mesa Del Rincón, Pause and Play, Kennzeichen E

– Radios: Innersound Radio, Discover Rock show of Frequence Plus Belgium, RKC-Radio, RockLiveRadio, RawRadioX, German Gothic Radio, KCR College Radio, Actradio, WFNP College Radio the Edge, Indie Puls Show of Indie and more, bitexpress, Museboat Radio, ZXY-Clone, Pandora

– Youtube-Channels: Post-Rock channel tzortzinious, risingEDGE.tv

– Our label Timezone Records

– Visual Art: Mis Joahn Krele for the drawings in the video of “Voices In Your Head” u.a.

– Actors and assistants in videos: Stefan Pätz, Alena Klostermann, Aline Klumpp, Nadiye Dibooglu, Mis Joahn Krele, Florian Werner-Zilch, Christina Metzger, Basecamp Bonn (Location)

– Andre Anwar for inspiring me to the title track of the album

– Contributing Artists:
Benjamin Lachance, Fifi Rong, Clemens Engert (Alien Hand Syndrome), Jim Hrabak (Slack Armada)

– Anja Gabriel for her work concerning near-death-experiences i used as base for the song “When I Was Dead”

– Chris Mcdougall for supporting us with his wingsuit videos in “We Will Never Grow Old”

– Olga Rzhanova for the Back Cover photo, Narkya-stocks for the graffiti photo (Front Cover), Konny Steding for the graffiti art

– My whole family!

I´m sure I forgot someone!, sorry for that.

Thank you very much. Ewian Christensen.

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