Video release – Love

Here it is, probably our last video for ‘We Need Monsters’, for a song called ‘Love’.
It´s about an indian seamstress who is daydreaming during her work as a kind of cognitive survival strategy.
It took us one year of production to film the different seasons.
What I intended to express with this song is that imagination can save our life. Like it saved the life of this indian girl.

Have some magical moments in 2016.


35 responses to “Video release – Love

  1. I am touched by the way you use music and your creativity for such beautiful messages to spread awareness, to support others, and therefore to help making this world a better place.
    (Found you through Carolina’s reblog.)

    • Hi Erika, thank you for your nice words. I am glad to notice that people are understanding my messages and intentions, like you did. The acoustic waves of a song exist independently, but they come to blossom when their meaning find a recipient – a (human) being with the ability to see, not just with eyes, but with heart and mind.

      • I completely agree!, Ewian. That is what music is able to teach: to see (and listen) with the heart. Music is able to tell stories words could never convey. Thank you for sharing your talent in such wonderful ways!

  2. Wow! Your music creates imagination and the video story is great. My grandmother and her mother was a seamstress, but not in the 16 hours workdays way. But when I see this and hear the music I wonder how their imaginations looked like when they worked. Thank you for sharing your music. Piano sounds always gets me 🙂

  3. Started dreaming about spring. It´s totaly awesome how a person´s mind can survive only by imagination. That´s the reason why we´re still alive… most of us. Keep on dreaming. It´s the only thing nobody can take us away!

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