Interview with UNTER.TON


I did an interview with the German underground magazine UNTER.TON about my latest album ‘Of Those Who Drown to Live’.

It’s a very personal interview, you can read it here:–ewian-about–of-those-who-drown-to-live-.html

4 responses to “Interview with UNTER.TON

  1. This is an insightful and interesting interview which I enjoyed reading. I very much get the personal feel of ‘Drown’ and find it quite moving. You talk of differing approaches to each album and, for me, this is clear: each one is clearly ‘Ewian’, yet bears a unique quality. I appreciate your openess and thanks.

    • Hi Chris, Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. It was not easy for me to produce such an autobiographical album and to give such a personal interview. Revealing oneself to the public means also to make yourself vulnarable. But I decided to bear that, and I think my decision was right. I got much feedback on that interview by EWIAN listeners and words like yours give me strength.

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