New album in production

I´m happy to announce to we started to produce our next record.
After the EP “We will never grow old” and the single “Voices in your head” it shall be an album with 10 songs this time.

It will take a while.

Remain faithful 🙂 and enjoy our music meanwhile on iTunes, Spotify or

Love, Ewian

#noisedream #alternative #rock #noise pop #shoegaze #postrock #ewian #indie


Take a look at our videos:

This video was a collaboration between us and the illustrator / fashion designer Mis Joahn Krele. The song was written and performed by the psychologist Ewian Christensen and is about Schizophrenia and self-injury.

This video arouse with the help of some awesome wingsuit flyers: Thanks to Hege Ringard, Chris Mcdougall and MattvB91 for the footage! You are great.