EWIAN was formed in March, 2013 by German composer Ewian Christensen, who is responsible for lead vocals, piano, sound composition and majority of songwriting.

“Good Old Underground” is the first full-length release, and focuses on the fringes of society and those who live in it. Some songs of the album arose from collaborations (Featuring / Remix) with artists outside of germany, for example electronic singer/songwriter Fifi Rong (London) or instrumental Post-Rock artist James Hrabak (Chicago). Their energetic ‘wall of sound’ includes distorted piano, noisy guitars, bittersweet vocal melodies, and solemn string passages – landing them somewhere between Muse, The Cooper Temple Clause and Placebo.

Ewian Christensen was born in Latvia and grew up in Germany, where he was schooled in classical music education. As a juvenile, he discovered his love for experimental music and participated in a wide variety of music projects. At the same time he got in touch with Benjamin Lachance with whom he is making music up to the present. Both are characterized by an affinity for deep and archetypical themes, which essentially influenced the today´s sound of Ewian.

Official:  http://www.ewian-music.com

Ewian Christensen (Vocals, Piano, Distorted Piano, Electronic Sounds)
Benjamin Lachance (Guitar)
Fifi Rong (feat. “When I Was Dead”)

Ewian discography:
– Of Those Who Drown to live (June, 2018)
– Heart Crash Boom Bang (March 2017)
– We Need Monsters (LP, November 2015)
– Good Old Underground (LP, October, 2014
– Voices in Your Head (Single, October, 2013
– We Will Never Grow Old (EP, March, 2013


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  1. Evian, I found your poetry of life moving and inspiriting. The music images and words were powerful for me to understand your unique way to impart emotions

    I was touched by the images you presented in the “Last Poem”. Moreover, they spoke to me about the lost soul and the human need in today’s society for purpose and meaning.

    Poetry, has been powerful for me to touch my feelings and the words set me free. In “Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying”
    the poems and photography became the way to touch my Secret Forces and rebirth my True Self.

    Thank you, for sharing your unique gifts for becoming a fully realized human.

    Bless You and a creative 2015.


    • Patricia – Thank you for sharing your impression of this song with us. It gives our music a “face”.
      The song is about loss, massive depression, lostness, uncertainty and – HOPE.

      Bless you as well, Ewian

  2. Dear Ewian, I didn’t listen to all your songs from beginning to end but I sense a tortured depressed soul behind the music which I don’t find that uplifting. I kind of feel sorry for you and wish that I could perk you up into optimism more. Maybe I am just too old (68) to appreciate your music but I still admire an energetic optimistic approach rather than doom and gloom overly laid back approach. I was born in Germany of Latvian parents and raised in the US. If you know any Latvian then velu tev visu to labako, Uldis

    • Hi,

      Thanks! for telling us your feelings! I´d like to give you an understanding of what the music of Ewian expresses. First of all – most of our songs are not autobiographic. Our latest release “Good Old Underground” describes the fringes of society and those who live in it. For example the song Escape: It´s about a girl, who has the courage to flee from a repressive country to start a new life. And she manages it.
      Thus: The songs may sound depressive, but (we are not) and they just describe reality how it is: beautiful AND terrible. But nevertheless there is always HOPE – which is the symbolic key of Ewian. Ewian means “Water of life”.

  3. Thank you for liking “Wildflowers.” Your response to uldissprogis helped me understand your music better. I am glad to know that you are not depressed, and I am glad that hope is an important part of your music. Hope does get us through the negative experiences we encounter in our lives. 🙂

  4. definetely! the production of the second album started recently and will contain a lot of hope (and consolation) 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by and deciding to follow my blog. Quite different from you and I — in age for sure 🙂 But quite the same in an important way — you obviously have a passion for music and understand the power of music and the word. My daughter and her husband are both musicians….and have worked very hard to be where they are, successful in their fields. He is a composer of choral music — has two artist-in-residence positions and is quite successful in this very very tough field. He also teaches full-time at a conservatory. She is full-time faculty and her instrument is the pipe organ. As she always says, I teach students confidence…..when you make a mistake on this instrument, everyone knows! 🙂 And for me, the power of the word is the key — words can affect perceptions, action, self-esteem….so very important.
    I must say, the “behind the scene” graphic you have on the right of the page is stunning. Did you draw it? So — hoping I’ll see evidence of your meandering my site again — and very nice to meet you! ….and now I’ll treat myself to meander a bit here.

    • Hi Lillian, you are welcome! Thanks for this interesting insight in yours and your family´s life, you can be truly proud of your husband and daughter. I honestly don´t which graphic you mean? The schizophrenic girl in the background?

  6. Hi Ewian, thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and I am truly honored that you decided to Follow! I love your Blog and the way you express your creativity is very inspiring I will dig more deeply into it for sure. I am an artist designer and I express my creativity in multiple ways, I design unique jewelry inspired by nature but I love Photography, Digital art, watercolor painting, Illustration, Fashion and creative writing my art extends in every way I feel…you can see it on my Blog I am very happy to be connected with you, and interact with your art and music would be very inspiring let’s stay connected… ⊱✿

  7. Ewian I LOOOOVE your Music!!!!! I just went into your youTube channell and I will soon subscribe! I love underground and experimental music as I love rock music my soul always has been captured by dark sounds and I truly love the sound of yours so I will tell you that I am going to listen your music a lot! ⊱✿

    • Hi Carolina, thank you very much ♥ I feel honoured by such lovely words and even more, I feel vindicated by it. You are a deep person, and so am I.
      I have the feeling that two similiar pulsating souls have found and should – as you said – keep in touch.
      LOVE, Ewian

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  9. Hi, thanks for visiting and following my blog… Please come again!

    How wonderful that you play all those instruments, I’m jealous 😉 I recently started playing the ukulele and am loving it.

    Take care,

  10. Thanks so much EWIAN, for choosing to follow my blog! I’m honored! I too went through many of your posts and found them pretty interesting. Keep up the good work! All the best!

  11. Thank you for the follow! Am struck, reading this, by the fact that despite the digitalisation of music generally, the terms: single, EP and LP are still used and seen as relevant! But at least we all understand😉

  12. Dear Ewian,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the follow ! Means a lot for a beginner like me who has just got into blogging. From being an introvert to an extremely reluctant writer who has now plunged into public forum with her poetry creations….I am nervous yet excited !

    Your work is beautiful and very inspiring. I am certainly going to follow you and would look forward to more of your music and writings. Would very much appreciate your feedback on my poems.

    Thanks again and my very best for all your future endevours !!

    – Chhaya

  13. Hello EWAIN, You found the blog where I write about photography. I am sure you noticed that my articles only discuss that one topic; Photography.
    Now that I know about you I plan on wandering your blog, reading what you have to say and listening to your music.
    Nice to be in touch.

  14. Thank you so much Ewian for following my blog, Soul Gifts. I note you are Latvian – I was born in Finland. Neighbours 🙂 – well, by birth anyway, given I now live on the other side of the world in Australia. I am intrigued by what I have read on this page and am off to have a meander around your blog. Happy music-ing !

  15. Thank you for following my blog. I’m very new to all this, finding the blog world amazing! I’ve enjoyed visiting your site and am now following and look forward to seeing your future posts!

  16. hey EVIAN thank you for visiting realovforever ! and thanks for your following,I am very glad to connecting with you. you have a nice blog dear !

  17. Ewian,
    Thank your for stopping by Boysenberrybook.com and inviting me to stroll through your blog site. Initially, I thought I was going to be finding a fellow teacher’s site. Out of intrigue, I listened to a few of your songs. Even though you teach in a classroom with no walls, you are a teacher; music is one of the best teachers.
    After reading most of the blogs, I see the message you want to share is hope to the fringe and hurting world. We all need hope; I know One who is the source of all hope:
    Jesus said to the Pharisees in Luke 5:31 , “those who are well, do not need a doctor, but the sick do need one. I did not come to call the “righteous”, but (those who missed the mark) the sinners.” He also said, “anyone who is thirsty should come to me and drink.” John 7:37
    Blessings to you for being a teacher of hope; with your musical and poetic talent spread the message of hope as Jesus did. We all really need it!

  18. “…teach in a classroom with no walls” – wisely said. Thank you. I appreciate it. You are right with your assessment that I try to spread hope and speak for those who suffer from grief.

  19. Thank You for your ‘Follow’ on my Blog!!! It got me to yours and I am about to discover all that you have in this lovely site 🎉
    Especially interested in your videos, so off I go to explore 😀

  20. Hi Ewian. Firstly, thanks for following my new blog. I was interested to know who you were so clicked and here I am. Have listened to some of your music, here and on Youtube. It reminds me of when I was a lot younger and can relate to it’s rawness and genuineness of feeling and direction. I am 60 years old, love many genres of music and yours is one I am enjoying discovering. Look forward to hearing more. Thanks, Rich

  21. My first visit here I was just checking out some of the visuals. Today I slipped over to YouTube and listened to (and watched) “The Last Poem” and “Escape”. You have a lot of talent, and a new fan. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep tagging along on your journey. All the best.

    • Dear David, thank you very much for your motivating words and for subscribing my YT channel. I am very happy about that! I hope we keep in touch. Ewian

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