EWIAN ~ The Final Breath [Official Music Video]

XI ~ The Final Breath

Ewian looked back on his life. The memories of the INCEPTION were almost completely faded, only the feeling of innocence was still present.
It was this sensation as a child that gave him the courage to embark on a journey INTO THE UNKNOWN in order to find a relic that should free every living being from suffering. Years later he found it. The moment between the relief and the dark premonition that he had been away too long – the INTERLUDIUM – hit him unprepared.
Unwittingly he had opened the BOX OF PANDORA – and the price of the long absence was the birth of a second self.
From then on both parts fought for supremacy. This inner conflict tore him apart. The voices in his head, both THE SWEET ONES and THE EVIL ONES, were strong in those days.
It took another while until he realized that this brokenness also offered potential.
Thereupon Ewian created the VAST, a Visual Audio Sensory Theater, inspired by the beauty of the connection between music and mathematics, modulated by the pure, unaffected mind which was still present from the INCEPTION.
The VAST was the key to change. He learned to accept himself with all strengths and weaknesses, and he learned to esteem the inherent uniqueness of himself and all other creatures.
Encouraged by this insight, he was carried away by the notion of love as an abstract concept – an unconditional acceptance of things.
In order to achieve this, it had been necessary to detach himself from his present self awhile. It was necessary to DROWN TO LIVE. And he DROWNed.
Separated from his former self he drifted in the VASTness, imbued with a feeling of endless silence and mere peace. The BEAUTIFUL LIE about the old world vanished – it was a SALVATION.
Freed from this lie, he was ready to unfold his full potential to create a new world without sorrow, death, doubts and limits. A life without deficiencies, a LIFE which was UNCUT.
He felt so cared. With every second he forgot more and more his old world in the same vein when he started his journey INTO THE UNKNOWN as a child. But this time it was different.
He had total control about this realm and it gave him a feel of unrestricted power. The laws of the universe known to us were not valid here.
Ewian probably would have stayed there forever if he had not heard a strange voice from afar one day. It was like the singing of a Siren – inescapable.
The only chance to find out the origin of this voice was to leave his beloved realm. So he took a FINAL BREATH and DROWNed again to LIVE.
When he returned anew to the world of lie, Ewian was angry. The time of endless creativeness was over and he was not sure if there ever would be a way back. His PARADISE was LOST.
To this day he did not know where the voice came from, but he was infinitely grateful to her.
It had helped him out of his delirium and catapulted him back into real life. Ewian knew he would never be able to bathe in bliss forever again, but he was just grateful for every second of it.
Henceforth he could see and feel it everywhere in the small things of life.

And so it ended. We are in the here and now with this story. My story. I feel ready for the final step – whenever it may come.

EWIAN ~ Drown to Live [Official Music Video]

VII – Drown to Live

I’m happy to announce that the music clip for ‘Drown to Live’ (Chapter VII of the video story) is out now on Youtube.
The song is the key track for the album and the most important for me. At a certain point in my life I learned to love myself, and I learned that self-love is important to be able to love others.
I’d like to thank my guys Robin Friedel (Guitar, Bass) and Florian Jooß (Drums) for the participation.


Finally Ewian learned the most important thing in his life: to love himself, and thus, to love others. Encouraged by this insight, he was carried away by the notion of love as an abstract concept, an unconditional acceptance of things. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to detach himself from his present self awhile.

3d sounds

When a friend of mine showed me a technique a few years ago to record a sound in a way which would create a stronger 3d experience, I knew, I would have to use it on the next album.
To create the sound for the following scene we used my own heartbeart and other body sounds. After recording the single parts with special microphones and a particular position technique, I  tried to mix it in a way that represents the atmosphere of the clip.
(from the upcoming video for the song ‘Inception’).
I recommend to use headphones 🙂


Dear subscribers, fans and friends,

I am happy to announce that I am working intensely on the 4th EWIAN album at the moment.
Of those who drown to live’ will be special in various ways: it will contain 12 songs (instead of 10 like the other albums) and it is the first time that I am going to create an explicit biographical LP. Furthermore, I will produce a video for EVERY song to illustrate the story behind ‘Of those who drown to live‘ – a story of my life and I guess it will have been a huge project in the end.
I am very excited due to the fact that I will reveal much of my myself with this album. But I think after three music albums I am ready to do that.

The stills are from upcoming videos,  Thanks for your love,

Ewian Christensen






Price for the best film

I am very very happy about having been honored with a price at the lovely La.Meko Film Festival last Saturday in Germany together with other wonderful films. I am deeply thankful for that. We also had the chance to perform a couple of EWIAN songs.
The video and song is called ‘Into the Unknown’ and tells the story of a young boy who tries to find an ancient relict in an imagined world in the hope that he can use it to resolve a serious conflict between his mother and father.
I´d like to thank the persons who helped me to realize my music video for the song ‘Into the Unknown’: Nataly Zibert, Kaja Lori und her son Piet, Thorben Kraus, Markus Müller.
The video will also be available on my youtube channel youtube.de/Ewianmusic, but it will take a while for reasons I can´t explain at the moment.





New video: Beautiful Lie – The Salvation

I always wanted to make a video with flowers – and a calm, tender version of my song ‘Beautiful Lie” seemed to work pretty well for that. For that reason, I made tracking shots in bed of flowers in my home town. There is a light floating through it, the main element, its meaning not yet to be revealed, but soon.

So here is my new video for ‘Beautiful Lie – The Salvation‘: