Voices In Your Head – Throwback Part 2

In October 2013 I released the single ‘Voices In Your Head’.

I´d like to tell a bit about this song, cause it has a special status. I worked towards ‘Voices In Your Head’ for a long time and in 2013 the time had come when I met a gay Israeli on Twitter who told me that he is cutting himself. This encounter was the impulse. I already had some experience with this topic by my former circle of friends. Besides I work(ed) as a psychologyst at university, thus it affected me by several levels. Emotionally, I HAD to write this song. And if some people who are affected by this topic in any way would feel understood – even better.

My ex-girlfriend (Mis Joahn Krele) supported me and made some sketches which I used to make a lofi animation video:



Here are some stills from the video:




You can watch the full video here:

I don´t want to explain the plot, that would impair personal interpretations.

Thank you for watching,

Ewian Christensen