Teaser for ‘Heart Crash Boom Bang’

I didn´t want to keep back this trailer I made for my new album. And yes, the (dancing) shadow is me.

Enjoy 🙂



Heart Crash Boom Bang is out

Dear subscribers, fans and friends,

I am really happy and proud to say that the third EWIAN album HEART CRASH BOOM BANG is out from today, 3rd March 2017.
People from the whole world already preordered a physical signed copy via Bandcamp.
I am deeply grateful to everyone who decides to support my work by purchasing the physical or digital version of the album on one of the listed shops.




Thank you very much ♥

Ewian Christensen


‘Heart Crash Boom Bang’ is out for Pre-order

It´s two weeks till the official release of my third album ‘Heart Crash Boom Bang‘ and I´d like to tell a few words about it.
This time I worked about 1,5 years on it and already after having recorded a couple of songs I knew that this album would stylistically go back to my first releases. As you know, my second album ‘We Need Monsters’ pushed me emotionally to the limit, especially songs like ‘Monster’ and ‘Beautiful Lie’. When I wrote these songs, I was influenced by current events (world affairs), which at least partially shaped this album.
Well, after that I just had to shift down/up a gear and I tried to refrain from superheavy themes without losing deepness as this is one of the fundamental EWIAN characteristics.
It really was a joy to produce ‘Heart Crash Boom Bang’ , and I am happy about everyone who decides to preorder it, you won´t be disappointed.



Ewian  Christensen


Music – EWIAN New Song and Video! Radioactive Star….

I actually intended to write my own post about my new music video, but Caroline from YesterdayAfter was faster :), so I decided to just reblog it.
I´d be happy by the way if some of you would subscribe my Youtube channel as well:

I hope you like my new video, have an inspired week!

Ewian Christensen


Exclusive New song and Video by EWIAN  the song ‘Radioactive Star‘, is also the video opener of EWIAN next Album ‘Heart Crash Boom Bang‘ release is coming soon on March 3rd 2017.
Many of you that follow my Blog remember my interview to Ewian Christensen posted on December 16 2016 if you missed you can read it now. In our interview Ewian mention and talk about his new Album and lots more, it is a very interesting interview and way to know EWIAN better!

This new video is great! I love the song and the atmosphere created in the video it is a great preview for the expected new album!
EWIAN once again did a wonderful job with his creations, also we see new addition to the band members Florian Jooß and Robin Friedel  best wishes guys can’t wait to listen the whole album!
Have a great Sunday!


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The Sweet Kisses of Arsenic

This is a poem called ‘The Sweet Kisses of Arsenic’, written by Manache Poetry who felt inspired by my songs ‘Beautiful Lie’ and ‘Beautiful Lie – The Salvation’.
I took the opportunity to paint a few thoughts regarding these songs, you can read it below the poem.

Enjoy – and have a wonderful 2017.


Ewian Christensen

Vertige de l'Oiseau

[  Version française : Cliquez  ICI  ]

the-sweet-kisses-of-arsenic☆Illustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Lisa Krannichfeld

Frise F Bleue 30

The sweet kisses of arsenic

It suffocates the soul
with the sweet kisses of arsenic.

In the eternal night
embrace our paths with tormented destinies
when the perfume of the air
intertwines with love.
Let’s soak our lips in the water of a silvery sky.
Let’s retrieve from this day
the brilliant light
of the original dawn.

It suffocates the soul
with the sweet kisses of arsenic.
Irresistible is our envy
defoliate slowly this life
beyond the heart of our souls.

– You are my unique dew when in the sky does agitate dark clouds. And the others laugh at us. Their looks seem to follow each of our kisses to the most intimate garden of assumed love.
– What are you saying?
– I say that there is nothing greater than…

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Music – My Interview with Ewian Christensen

I was invited by Carolina Russo to talk about my work as a musician and the next EWIAN projects at her Blog YesterdayAfter. You can read the interview here:
Thanks a lot Caro for your beautiful Digital Art Portrait ♥


Ewian Christensen Digital Portrait ©Carolina Russo Ewian Christensen – Digital Portrait created by ©Carolina Russo

My interview with Musician, Composer, AudioVideo and independent Artist EWIAN CHRISTENSEN.

Today I am very happy to introduce you with my dear friend musician and composer EWIAN from Germany. Some of you that follow my Blog remember last year when I have Featured Ewian. I love his music and often I shared his  videos and the release of his latest Album “We Need Monsters”. I also used Ewian’s photos last year to create a first Digital Art Portrait part of my Art concept “When Nature Meet Humans ” Ewian was the portrait #6. A couple of months ago I asked Ewian if he would’ve have been open to do an interview with me. And he kindly accepted! I am thrilled about this and I am very happy to be able to let you know him better through  this interesting interview and if you…

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Collaboration with Mad Madam Em

I’m happy to announce that I’m going to collaborate with the charming Mad Madam Em (known as Plike) from the States. I already mentioned a possible collaboration with her in an interview with the german magazine Unter.ton, and now it has become real!
I´m really looking forward to work together with Mad Madam Em, she´s a talented electronic music producer and lovely person.