EWIAN ~ Box of Pandora [Official Music Video]

Chapter IV ~ Box of Pandora

At the moment when Ewian entered the world to find the relict he opened a doorway – irreversible. He had been long gone – too long. His mind had created a second self. Henceforth the two selves struggled for supremacy.

14 responses to “EWIAN ~ Box of Pandora [Official Music Video]

      • Ewian! I gave it another go with the lyrics in mind and must conclude it’s golden. This is your ace card and it jibes with the spirit of the times. The concept itself is not new though. To unleash the evils of Pandora’s box is to bring confusion & chaos into the world during the end times, which means we can no longer hide from our shadow or mask our duplicity, ‘for every man is double, one of him is the sort of compound being and one of him is himself.’ (Plotinus, Ennead II.3.9) From this perspective there is validity to the notion of our two selves struggling for supremacy. We come apart as we wrestle with ourselves, for truth & freedom. But the Demiurge in which our organism is part and parcel will go to any lengths to preserve itself. [Demi = half; as in our other self and urge = instinctive motive; as in the forces that impel us to act in a certain way, namely our biology.] The video does a good job in showing our inner-child (soul/butterfly) being immersed into its organism (body/relict) which in turn is swallowed up into darkness. All in all you did a good job in mirroring the jugular vein of the Zeitgeist. One final thing, the quality of the singing was superb, it nearly made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

  1. Here’s one more perspective to help elucidate the notion of creating a second self and our strife with power. As you expand yourself as a lyric poetry writer, some exposure to platonic thought may help you detect the golden chord that runs all the way back to the origins of it all.

    “Who are ‘we’? … As pure souls, we were Spirit…. We were a part of the spiritual world, neither circumscribed nor cut off from it. Even now, we are still not cut off from it. Now, however, another person, who wanted to exist and who has found us … has added himself on to the original person…. Then we became both: now we are no longer only the one we were, and at times, when the spiritual person is idle and in a certain sense stops being present, we are only the person we have added on to ourselves.” – Plotinus, Ennead VI-4-14

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