Concert in Germany, Mannheim

I´m glad to announce that we are going to perform on Saturday, 9th September in Germany, Mannheim, DANKBAR, (20:00), mainly with songs from the latest album ‘Heart Crash Boom Bang’ and some totally new ones.
If you live in Mannheim or nearby we are looking forward to your coming.
We made a little photo shooting for this concert…

See you maybe.



14 responses to “Concert in Germany, Mannheim

    • Thank you so much Caro! I think from time to time about the lovely interview me made ♥
      And yes – new songs. You will hear more about my plans in the next weeks.

      • Thank you Ewian! I love our interview! and once in a while I keep sharing it! I am happy to hear that you have new work going same me with my art! Keep me up to date! 😉

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