Heart Crash Boom Bang is out

Dear subscribers, fans and friends,

I am really happy and proud to say that the third EWIAN album HEART CRASH BOOM BANG is out from today, 3rd March 2017.
People from the whole world already preordered a physical signed copy via Bandcamp.
I am deeply grateful to everyone who decides to support my work by purchasing the physical or digital version of the album on one of the listed shops.




Thank you very much ♥

Ewian Christensen


18 responses to “Heart Crash Boom Bang is out

  1. It’s wonderful Ewian – just bought it on Bandcamp and I’m on my second listen straight through. Thanks to downloads and iTunes it’s of course on my phone too for playing in the car. Great work.

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  3. Thank you for following Art and Tulips…I like your creative sensibility and am also forwarding your site to a musician friend in LA. Good luck with it all – not the easiest life, but worth it, definitely worth it.

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