The Sweet Kisses of Arsenic

This is a poem called ‘The Sweet Kisses of Arsenic’, written by Manache Poetry who felt inspired by my songs ‘Beautiful Lie’ and ‘Beautiful Lie – The Salvation’.
I took the opportunity to paint a few thoughts regarding these songs, you can read it below the poem.

Enjoy – and have a wonderful 2017.


Ewian Christensen

Vertige de l'Oiseau

[  Version française : Cliquez  ICI  ]

the-sweet-kisses-of-arsenicIllustration of the Poem [ Artist ] Lisa Krannichfeld

Frise F Bleue 30

The sweet kisses of arsenic

It suffocates the soul
with the sweet kisses of arsenic.

In the eternal night
embrace our paths with tormented destinies
when the perfume of the air
intertwines with love.
Let’s soak our lips in the water of a silvery sky.
Let’s retrieve from this day
the brilliant light
of the original dawn.

It suffocates the soul
with the sweet kisses of arsenic.
Irresistible is our envy
defoliate slowly this life
beyond the heart of our souls.

– You are my unique dew when in the sky does agitate dark clouds. And the others laugh at us. Their looks seem to follow each of our kisses to the most intimate garden of assumed love.
– What are you saying?
– I say that there is nothing greater than…

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5 responses to “The Sweet Kisses of Arsenic

  1. This is so beautiful I love that Manache wrote a beautiful and intense poem inspired by your lyric! As an artist I love to see when people get inspired from my work and see what they receive and create from something they love it is a beautiful way of comunication in this fierce world…Your lyric is beautiful same the song and video ❤

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