Music – My Interview with Ewian Christensen

I was invited by Carolina Russo to talk about my work as a musician and the next EWIAN projects at her Blog YesterdayAfter. You can read the interview here:
Thanks a lot Caro for your beautiful Digital Art Portrait ♥


Ewian Christensen Digital Portrait ©Carolina Russo Ewian Christensen – Digital Portrait created by ©Carolina Russo

My interview with Musician, Composer, AudioVideo and independent Artist EWIAN CHRISTENSEN.

Today I am very happy to introduce you with my dear friend musician and composer EWIAN from Germany. Some of you that follow my Blog remember last year when I have Featured Ewian. I love his music and often I shared his  videos and the release of his latest Album “We Need Monsters”. I also used Ewian’s photos last year to create a first Digital Art Portrait part of my Art concept “When Nature Meet Humans ” Ewian was the portrait #6. A couple of months ago I asked Ewian if he would’ve have been open to do an interview with me. And he kindly accepted! I am thrilled about this and I am very happy to be able to let you know him better through  this interesting interview and if you…

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3 responses to “Music – My Interview with Ewian Christensen

  1. Thank you Ewian for accepting this interview and allow me to let others discover your beautiful Music and creative talents. With my questions I wanted to portrait a side of you that isn’t much knows and let the people discover the mind and “Blue” soul behind your music! Btw my soul is Blue color too! I am very happy that you love my Digital Portrait! Thank you again! Carolina

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