New video: Beautiful Lie – The Salvation

I always wanted to make a video with flowers – and a calm, tender version of my song ‘Beautiful Lie” seemed to work pretty well for that. For that reason, I made tracking shots in bed of flowers in my home town. There is a light floating through it, the main element, its meaning not yet to be revealed, but soon.

So here is my new video for ‘Beautiful Lie – The Salvation‘:



32 responses to “New video: Beautiful Lie – The Salvation

  1. I have literally just come to see your work….I’ve been quite remiss in not following up the people who have recently followed me on my blog…but let me just say, if I never check out anyone else, I am so immensely glad to have found you…even if only for this one piece….I cannot tell you how utterly beautifully moving I found it…you brought the flowers to the viewer as ‘beings’ not things….your music, your voice, the videography, all the elements together…WOW. Thank you. Stunning.

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