Voices In Your Head – Throwback Part 2

In October 2013 I released the single ‘Voices In Your Head’.

I´d like to tell a bit about this song, cause it has a special status. I worked towards ‘Voices In Your Head’ for a long time and in 2013 the time had come when I met a gay Israeli on Twitter who told me that he is cutting himself. This encounter was the impulse. I already had some experience with this topic by my former circle of friends. Besides I work(ed) as a psychologyst at university, thus it affected me by several levels. Emotionally, I HAD to write this song. And if some people who are affected by this topic in any way would feel understood – even better.

My ex-girlfriend (Mis Joahn Krele) supported me and made some sketches which I used to make a lofi animation video:



Here are some stills from the video:




You can watch the full video here:

I don´t want to explain the plot, that would impair personal interpretations.

Thank you for watching,

Ewian Christensen




17 responses to “Voices In Your Head – Throwback Part 2

  1. Thank you for telling us about the background of the song. Wonderful song and I can absolutely imagine that many feel understood when hearing it and watching the video which is amazing too!

  2. It is so great to see your growth and transformations musically and not! Thanks Ewian for sharing these images and the behind the scene story, it very interesting to know what lead you to write your great songs where your inspirations came from, how your emotions influenced and how it all started it’s amazing! Keep up with your beautiful music and keep up sharing your creative mind! ❤ 🙂

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