Take a look at our videos:

This video was a collaboration between us and the illustrator / fashion designer Mis Joahn Krele. The song was written and performed by the psychologist Ewian Christensen and is about Schizophrenia and self-injury.

This video arouse with the help of some awesome wingsuit flyers: Thanks to Hege Ringard, Chris Mcdougall and MattvB91 for the footage! You are great.


5 responses to “Videos

  1. Hey, thank you for following my blog! That made me listen to your music which I consider as pretty good! The video for “Voices in your head” is beautiful and well done. Good luck with the album!

    • Thank you very much 😉 I released my third album ‘Heart Crash Boom Bang’ in spring this year. After a little summer break I am now working on the 4th album which will be a very special release (can´t explain it at the moment). I wish you peace as well ♥

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